CWP - Year-Round No Shear Pothole Patch

Proprietary Formula. Certified Sole Source Product.

P2's Pothole Patch Asphalt Emulsion was formulated to work in ALL patch machines. We have customers using both "Dura Patch" and "Craftco" brand machines with great success!

  • Optimum spray temperature: 120 – 130 degrees as heated in the patch machine.
  • Unlike the competition, our patch material contains no diesel or VOC’s.
  • Non-hazardous, environmentally safe, non-volatile, non-flammable.
  • Not E.P.A. Regulated, but fully meets TxDot Items 300, 314.1, 314.2, 314.3 (1)(2) and 316.2.
  • No danger to the water table, wildlife or to the crew from fumes, etc.
*Totes available for shipping & handling convenience MSDS & Technical Data Sheet available upon request.

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