P2 Emulsions

Who We Are...

P2 Emulsions is the leading innovator in the development of road-building, road repair & maintenance, as well as riding surface and road seal products— all contain NO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which mean they are NON-HAZARDOUS, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, NON-VOLATILE, AND NON-FLAMMABLE. P2 asphalt emulsion products will not harm water tables; spills will not create “fish kills” in surrounding ponds or lakes; and P2 material will not cause harm to birds or wildlife - or humans - who may be accidently exposed.

P2 is owned and operated by an outstanding team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the asphalt industry. Our chief product engineer has over 40 years experience in the development of specialty asphalt emulsion formulas. This knowledge formed the foundation for P2’s unique product line that consistently OUTPERFORMS all commodity products currently available. Our earth-friendly formulas have revolutionzied the world of asphalt emulsions by offering products that contain no VOC’s, nor require the use of specialty protective equipment during application. Our products can be diluted with water unlike other industry products that require the use of diesel for thinning. Simply put; our materials are safe to handle, harmless to the environment, and can stabilize a dirt road to a granite-hard surface at the rate of a HALF A MILE PER DAY, START TO FINISH!

Basic Application

1. Prepare the road. Scarify dirt or chip seal or reclaim hot mix into the road.
2. Apply “P2 Stabilizer” with distributor truck across the road surface.
3. Roto-mix “P2 Stabilizer” into the road base.
4. Compact first with a sheep-foot until it “walks out of road,” then rubber tire roll.
5. Perform final light blading to shape the road. Finish rolling.
6. Let the road cure for 72 hours of dry weather…don’t count rain. Traffic is OK during the cure. After curing the road will look and perform like sedimentary rock.
7. Seal the road. Use P2 Prime to seal out water and bond to the surface topcoat.
8. Apply a surface treatment of your choice.*

*Follow up with “CWE-2” Chip Seal and “ROC” Road Over Coat as surface treat- ments. Tandem application locks down rock and gives uniform dark black color for a
road surface to rival black top at about one third the price!
All P2 products are formulated to molecularly lock to each other and are owned, manufactured & developed by P2 Emulsions.

Our Commitment to You:
The Right Product For Your Road at the Right Time!

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